Paul O'Sullivan - GAME

Paul O'Sullivan, Senior Digital Manager, GAME Digital plc

What first led you into entertainment retailing?

Having worked in both game development and publishing, it was the next logical step for me.

How long have you been at Game and what's your role?

I have been at GAME for just over a year now (I was previously at Square Enix for 8 years) and I head up digital paid content.

What do you love about your job?

I love the pace and the variety of retail and the opportunity to meet the publishing and development community.

Describe the Game business

GAME is the UK’s leading high-street videogames retailer, we are committed to delivering for the gaming communities of the UK online, in-store, on mobile and through our app. With a market-leading reward proposition, incredible exclusive content and great deals, GAME is the number one destination for all gaming needs.

What is the main challenge for the entertainment retail industry today?

Speaking from a games perspective the challenge is staying relevant in the content space (full games, season passes and downloadable content) in the face of digital disintermediation.

Apart from your own, what is your favourite entertainment retailer and why?

I enjoy spending time in bookshops even in this age of digital content. Waterstones flagship store in Piccadilly is my favourite. The building itself is amazing and they have a great café on the top floor – it’s a store one can spend hours in.

What was the first ever game, film and album you owned and where did you buy them?

I fondly recall the Saturday’s spent in WHSmiths browsing the game shelves! Elite on the Spectrum was my first purchase. The first film I bought was probably Alien and although I don’t recall buying my first album I do remember listening to Michael Jackson’s Bad over and over again on my sisters Walkman.

What non entertainment retailer do you admire and why?

I’m late to the Wilko’s party having only discovered it a few months ago but I was genuinely impressed by how well their offer is curated.

You’re stuck in a lift, name the book, album, film, game and person that you would like to have with you.

I’ve read most of the Antony Beevor books so if the lift was going to be stuck for a while, one of his books would keep me going. I’ve been a fan of the Battlefield games since the beginning and Battlefield 4 is my favourite although Battlefield 1 looks like it could knock it off the top spot. Ask anyone who knows me and they will attest to my gansta rap interest so The best of Snoop Dog would keep me entertained for a while. Film wise, Alien was my first purchase and is still a favourite, mainly for the atmosphere and pace – perhaps not appropriate in a confined lift though! Finally, the person I’d like to have with me would be my wife closely followed by our new baby daughter!

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