Olga Puzanova - Spotify

Olga Puzanova, UK Marketing Director, Spotify


What first led you to working in entertainment?

I was always fascinated by the entertainment industry growing up, in particular, I was passionate about film. When relocating to L.A., I wanted to be in the heart of movie studios and be completely immersed in its culture - taking it all in. Being in America really defined the start of my career, where shortly after I landed a much sought-after position as Marketing Manager at Paramount Pictures. This was a fantastic opportunity which led to me working on high profile campaigns and blockbuster releases. A real pinch myself moment and a dream come true!

How long have you been at Spotify and what is your role?

I am currently serving as Head of UK Consumer Marketing and have been at Spotify for 2.5 years.

How long have Spotify been selling entertainment?

Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in Sweden in 2006. Today, Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming subscription service with 248m users, including 113m premium subscribers, across 79 markets. With over 50mln tracks and over 3bln playlists available, we are the largest driver of revenue to the music business today.

What do you love most about your job?
It is my job to represent Spotify’s brand and value proposition in the eyes of the consumer as well as to support monthly active users’ growth via targeted marketing initiatives. I love pioneering data-driven storytelling, being culturally relevant (with our finger on the pulse) and creating and implementing campaigns that are innovative, fun and ground-breaking.

What is the main challenge for digital streaming platforms today?

We always need to listen; to artists, labels, listeners and fans, to give them what they want and deliver a better platform. That never stops – and this industry moves fast. So, we’re continually innovating by testing and learning from new ideas, and that really speaks to the fact that we’re always listening and working out what’s best.

What was the first ever film, album and game you owned and where did you buy them?

Growing up in Ukraine, I was limited with regards to music and entertainment choices; however, the first album I received for a Christmas present was Queen’s Greatest Hits. This album impacted my life more ways than one and still to this day I am a massive Queen fan.

Which non-entertainment retailer do you admire and why?

Whenever I need creative inspiration, I find myself watching Nike adverts. A great example of creative, inspirational storytelling with a strong message to stand up and having belief in yourself. Nike really are one of the leaders at integrating cultural moments and storytelling in such a clever and effective way.

You’re stuck in a lift. Name the album, film, book, game and person that you would like to have with you.

Album - Amy Winehouse - Back to Black Film - Breakfast at Tiffany’s Book - Everything is Illuminated by Johnathan Safran Foer. Game - SingStar Person - Steve Jobs

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