Louise Jackson - Wax & Beans

Louise Jackson, Co-Owner of Wax and Beans, Bury

What first led you to working in entertainment?

My partner Ben!  Ben had always dreamt of opening a record shop.  A few years ago, I gave him the final push to do exactly that.  I love a challenge and I knew Ben would be a wonderful success, especially getting to do something he loves daily.


How long have you been at Wax and Beans and what's your role?

Ben and I opened the doors to Wax and Beans as co-owners on the 29th June 2019.  Ben does the front of housework, with his focus on records.  I do most of the admin work including payroll, staff rotas, website upgrades and the dreaded bookkeeping!


 If you didn’t have your job, what do you think you would be doing today?
Well, I actually work full time as well as working for Wax and Beans.  I work in the corporate world, providing litigation support to solicitors reviewing digital material.  I’m basically a tech geek, having studied computer forensics at uni.


What do you love most about your job?

I work from the staffroom daily doing my daytime job and I love nothing more than taking a break, walking through the shop and seeing a thriving business, full of happy customers enjoying themselves.  We do everything we can to go above and beyond, as well as adapt our workflows to provide a slick, professional service for our customers and it’s amazing to get great feedback from customers – it always gives me (and Ben) a buzz!


What is the biggest challenge the industry is facing today?

I think the difficulties of rising prices and backlogs at pressing plants are a concern for the year ahead.  It’s a really tough time to juggle customer expectations with ever changing release dates brought about by the pressing plant delays.  We try to keep everyone updated, but the added admin associated with that can be difficult at times.


Who is your favourite entertainment retailer or service and why?

Instagram – it’s part of my wind down process in the evening.  What’s not to like, pictures, videos, music, records! 


Which non-entertainment retailer or service do you admire and why?

I like any service that’s quick, simple and easy.  I think the pandemic has changed how many businesses function, but I think John Lewis have been doing it well for a while.  Their Click and Collect service is seamless, with collections possible almost immediately - how much more convenient can you get!  Plus, I think their customer service and warranty on products is amazing – a perfect retailer from a customer point of view.

What was the first ever film, album and game you owned and where did you buy them?

First ever film was Overboard.  I still love this film now – easy watching and always brings a giggle.  My first album was Kylie Minogue – Kylie.  I loved learning the words to “I Should Be So Lucky” and “Loco-Motion”.  Not sure what my first game was, but the one with the most memories has to be Sonic The Hedgehog on the Game Gear.  Me and my dad were determined to get the end first (I won and he’s never lived it down!)


You’re stuck in a lift. Name the album, film, book, game and person that you would like to have with you.

I would take Meat Loaf’s - Bat Out of Hell – I’m all about nostalgia - it brings back so many happy memories.  Film would have to be Top Gun, 2hrs of action, great characters, music, and pretty awesome scenery thrown in too.  Book is a tough one as I’m not a big reader, normally just cheesy, easy reads on a sunbed on holiday so anything that’s an easy read with a decent storyline is fine with me.  I’d take a board game with me – no risk of the battery running out for one!  It has to be Game of Life.  I can have a tonne of different lives before the lift gets going again – get married, buy houses, have kids, all sorts!  As I love spending time with Ben, it would be nice to get some chill time with him in the lift, but the actual reality of him being stuck in a lift wouldn’t be great as he’d HATE it.  So, I’d go for my sister.  We’d either end up bickering the whole time or in stitches over something and nothing!

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