Drew Hill - Proper Distribution

Drew Hill, Managing Director, Proper Distribution


What first led you to working in retail?

I’d been working in the record business, label side, for 7 or 8 years when I felt it was time to do something different.  The opportunity to join Proper came out of the blue but at just the right time.  I remember, it was a cold and wet winter and I spent the first week working in the warehouse, as everyone had to when they joined the company back then, no matter what their role within the wider organisation.  I certainly learned a lot in those 5 long days.


How long have you been at Proper Music and what's your role?

I joined Proper in December 2007 as GM of the distribution business and am now MD of that company as well as our record label, publishing arm and online retail division.


How long have Proper Music been selling entertainment?

Malcolm Mills started the business back in 1988 and we’ve been selling CDs, Cassettes, LPs and DVDs continuously ever since.  Not many companies in this business can say that.


What do you love most about your job?

It’s cliched, but I consider myself very lucky to do something I love and call it my job.  Every day is different, and I genuinely don’t know what each new day will hold, plus I get to work with some amazing people.


What is the main challenge for distributors today?

Just one?  There are so many, but where there are challenges, there are also opportunities.  The physical supply chain is under a huge amount of pressure. 


Who is your favourite entertainment retailer and why?

My favourite record shop is Tower Records in Dublin – its as close to perfect as it gets in my opinion.  They’ve just got everything right about the look, feel and layout.  It makes you want to stay, browse and part with your money


 Which non-entertainment retailer do you admire and why?

Decathlon – I could get lost in there for hours.  So many sports I didn’t know existed and so many things I didn’t know I needed. 

What was the first-ever film, album and game you owned and where did you buy them?

The Goonies, bought in WHSmith, Eltham High Street

Bad – Michael Jackson, bought in Our Price, Eltham High Street

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon (Commodore 64) – bought in Woolworths, Bromley (I think)


You’re stuck in a lift. Name the album, film, book, game and person that you would like to have with you.

Album – Radiohead, The Bends

Film – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Book –  War and Peace – I might be in there a long time

Game – Goldeneye, Nintendo 64.  Think I nearly lost a term at university to that game!

Person – the lift engineer 😉

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