Why Join

ERA, the digital entertainment and retail association, is a UK trade organisation form specifically to act as a forum for the physical and digital retail and wholesale sectors of the music, video and games industries.

ERA Membership Benefits:

  • Members qualify for payment for music and video data if the contribute to Official Charts 
  • Reduced rates on PPL/PRS licence for music retailers when applied through ERA (paid via ERA)
  • Access to Official Charts online (retailers only/content owners must have a separate licence)
  • Access to ERA research and insight
  • Free legal and commercial advice etc. from the ERA office
  • Free signup to Record Store Day for eligible record shops
  • Regular newsletters and access to research
  • Networking and industry event discounts
  • Record Token Scheme for eligible independent record shops - for more info visit www.recordtokens.co.uk/trade 


ERA Affiliate Membership Benefits:

ERA Affiliate membership is open to companies related to entertainment retail (but not retailers themselves)  benefits are: 

  • Ability to email ERA members via ERA up to 4x per annum with information
  • Access to ERA newsletter to provide adverts / info
  • ERA yearbook
  • Access to some ERA research (not Official Charts or weekly dashboards)
  • Regular newsletters and information 
  • Networking and industry event discounts 
  • Access to ERA run promotions (subject to meeting criteria) 
  • Access to ERA events (AGM / insight days etc)

What our members say:

"Being an ERA member & attending meetings has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to meet other like-minded indies, share information, find solutions to collective issues & be more involved in the decisions that affect my business every day. We all like to think we can survive on our own & remain fiercely independent but we all need each other, can support each other & can learn from each other. ERA provides the means to do this"

Natasha Youngs, Resident


"Record Store Day has grown over the last decade to become one of the, if not the most important events on the indie shop calendar. ERA have stood up to the plate to administrate every aspect of the day, from liaising with labels on releases, managing the PR, promoting hundreds of indie stores nationwide and working with distributors to ensure that the traffic is managed and boxes get delivered. It is pivotal to it's continued success that all indies with a voice join the conversation, contribute and work together as one alongside ERA."

Rupert Morrsion, Drift


 "ERA's Operations Committee continuously monitors suppliers performance and gives feedback between retailers and distributors to achieve a more efficient and effective supply chain mechanism. In other words, if your boxes arrive late or damaged, or if you have any other supplier issues, tell us, and we'll tell them, make your voice heard!"

Alan Jordan, Reflex

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