The following pledges and actions will not bring about change immediately but will bring us closer to equality and foster diversity within entertainment retail
  • We believe in the dignity of all people and their right to respect and equality of opportunity
  • We value the strength that is derived from difference and the positive contribution that diversity brings to the workplace
  • We believe in gender, race and age equality
  • We believe in a diverse workplace and hiring a workforce from all backgrounds including LGBTQIA+, black, minorities and people of colour
  • We believe that all interns should be paid
  • If we are obliged to report on gender pay gap, we will work towards also reporting (where allowed by national legislation) on race pay gap at the same time
  • We will no longer participate in industry panels where we do not believe that the panel fairly represents the industry it is designed to reflect
  • We will endeavour to work towards and encourage diversity on any board on which we sit or are represented
  • We will where such data is collected and where national legislation allows, be transparent about who works in our companies, their role, position and permanency
  • We will challenge bias and discrimination and treat all staff and customers equally and fairly
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