Our Members

ERA's members encompass both physical and digital retailers of music, video and games.

The membership spans supermarkets, specialists, mail order, internet and mobile companies, who between them represent over 90% of the UK entertainment retail market. A full list can be found below.


101 Collectors Records

303 Records

81 Renshaw

7digital Limited

A Slice Of Vinyl

Action Records

Ad-Astra Records

Adrians Records

Amazon EU SARL

Analogue Music

Analogue October Records

Applestump Records

Arrow Film Distributors

ASDA Stores Ltd

Assai Records

Astonishing Sounds

Avalanche Records

B Side Records

Back To Mono Records


Banquet Records

Bear Tree Records

Beatdown Records

Bella Union

Bending Sound

Beyond Vinyl

Black Circle Records

Black Slab

Black Star Records

Blast Music & Comics

Blood Records

Boiler Room Records 

Book Stop

Cafe Luna

Capsule Records

Carnival Records

Castle Sounds

Cavern Music Services


Chalky's (Belushi Ltd T/A)



Clocktower Music

Crash Records

Crazy Beat Records

Creekside Vinyl

Dales Music Store

Dark Cicles

Dark Earth Records

Dash The Henge

David's Music

Dead Cloud


Defend Vinyl

Derricks Music

Dig In Records

Diverse Music

Domino Recording Company

Dreamhouse Records

Earworm Records

Eclipse Records

Eel Pie Records


Empire Records

Europa Music

Even Flow

Family Store Records

First Press

Fish Records

Five's Records

Five Rise Records 

Flashback Records Limited

Forest Vinyl

Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Excellence


Gardners Books

Gatefield Sounds

Global Groove


Grooves Records

Hamilton's Guitar & Vinyl Co.

Harbour Records 

Head Records

Heathen Chemistry Records

Hey Joe Music

HMV Retail Limited

Honest Jons

Hundred Records

iHaveit UK

Intense Records

Isotope Music Ltd

It's For You Vinyl & Vintage

Jacaranda Records



JG Windows

Jumbo Records

Just Dropped In

Kaleidoscope Records

Keep Audio Co



Left For Dead

Level Crossing Records

Lion Vibes

Loafers Vinyl

Logo Fiasco Records

Longwell Records

Lost in Vinyl


Low Port Music

Lucky's Record Bar

Maid In Vinyl

Malcolm's Musicland

Marketplace Solutions Worldwide LLP

Marrs Plectrum

Martian Central

Mixed Up Records

Mo' Fidelity Records

Monorail Music


Mudshark Records


Music and Goods Exchange Ltd

Music From Big Blue

Music Glue

Music Magpie

Music Mania

Music Mania (Hanley)

Music Nostalgia

Music's not Dead ltd


Number One Records

Off The Beaten Tracks

Off The Record

Olaf's Record Store

Online Commerce Ltd

Opus 13 Ltd

Out Of The Attic Music

Overdraft Records

P & C Music


Peckham Soul

Phoenix Sound

Phonica Records

Piccadilly Records

Pie & Vinyl

Planet of Sounds

Polar Bear

Presto Classical

Probe Records

Proper Music Distribution

Pure Vinyl Records


Quicksilver Music


Ranger Computers


Rarekind Records


Raven Records

Raves from the Grave

Record Collector

Record Corner

Record Culture

Record Plant

Record Revivals

Red House Records

Red Robin Records (Vinyl Cafe)


Reflex Records

Reggie's Retro Record Store

Released Records

Relevant Records

Replay Records


Reverence Music

Revibed Records

Revived Vinyl Records

Revo Records

Revolution Records

Revolution Records (London)

Rival Records

Roan Records

Rook Records

Rough Trade 

RPM Music

S.T. Records

Sable Starr Records


Sandbag ltd

Seismic Records


Shaks Stax Of Wax

Shrubs and Dubs

Sister Ray

Sky Store

Slide Record Shop

Slow Progress

Some Great Reward

Soul Brother Records


Sound Knowledge

Sound Records (Stroud)

Sound Records (IOM)

Sounds of the Universe

South Record Shop

Specialist Subject Records

Spillers Records

Spin The Black Circle

Spinning Around Records

Spinning Discs

Spiral Classics



Square Records

Stewarts Music Shop

Sticky Black Tarmac

Strummer Room Records

Stylus Records

Tallbird Records

Tangled Parrot

Tasty Records

The Beat and Track

The Definitely Maybe

The Drift Record Shop

The Left Legged Pineapple

The LP Cafe

The Musical Box

The Orpington

The Record Café

The Record Shop Ltd

The Record Store

The Rock Box

The Turntable Coffee & Vinyl Company

The Vault Collective

The Vinyl Factory

The Vinyl Whistle Ltd

Thirteen Records

Thorne Records

TNT Records

To Have and to Hold Records

Tough Love St Leonards

Townsend Records

Trading Post

Underground Solushn

Union Music Store

Up North Records

Ventnor Exchange

Venus Vinyl

Vinilo Record Store

Vintage & Vinyl

Vinyl Attraction 

Vinyl Café

Vinyl Eddie

Vinyl Exchange

Vinyl Frontier

Vinyl Guru

Vinyl Hunter

Vinylstore Jr

Vinyl Tap

Vinyl Underground

Vinyl Van

Virgin Media Store

VOD Music

VOXBOX Music ltd

Wax and Beans Ltd 

Wax at Moorgate 

WH Smith PLC

What Records

When Spaceships Appear

When Rivers Meet


World Of Echo

Wrecking Ball Promotions 


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