About Us

ERA, the digital entertainment and retail association, is a UK trade organisation formed specifically to act as a forum for the physical and digital retail and wholesale sectors of the music, video and videogames industries.

ERA's aims are to ensure the highest standards of retail and wholesale in the industry, and to encourage and provide formal and informal contact between members, the public and the industry.

ERA works closely with the supplier organisations such as BPI, BASE and UKIE in areas relevant to entertainment retail as well as co-owning the Official Charts Company. ERA also participates in a number of related bodies such as the VSC, BBFC, The Industry Trust and the Alliance for Intellectual Property.

ERA also exists to communicate and negotiate with government departments and local authorities on behalf of its members, to monitor legislation affecting its members and to oppose any legislation which might be contrary to member's interests.

ERA's business is conducted via a Board of 18 to 20 elected from the association's members.

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